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The Cabinet Departments

      Kellyanne Conway has conducted an amazing poll at once shockingly disheartening, yet encouraging for those of us who still believe in limited government.
      She found that most Americans are unable to identify even a single department in the United States Cabinet.
      A majority 58 percent could not provide any department names whatsoever. A minority 41 percent could. But only 4 percent could name at least five of the 19 executive-level departments.
      Pretty grim.
      But there is a silver lining.
      If so few Americans can name these super-agencies that spend billions and billions of their hard-earned tax dollars, then it ought to be relatively easy to persuade these people the agencies should be abolished.
      How important could the work of these agencies be if Americans can't even name them? How popular could they be? How vital could they be? How necessary?
      It's sad that Americans don't know who is wasting their precious money. But since they don't, let's capitalize on their ignorance.
      Let's start cutting. Nothing will stimulate the economy more or reduce the deficit faster. And with fewer names to remember, it's a certainty Americans will do better on this test in the future.

Joseph Farah
Silver Lining in America's Ignorance


Cabinet Rank Members


Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Attorney General

Department of Justice (DOJ)


Department of Commerce (DOC)


Department of Defense (DOD)


Department of Education

Energy see also Environment

Department of Energy

Health and Human Services

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Housing and Urban Development

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


Department of the Interior (DOI)


Department of Justice (DOJ)


Department of Labor (DOL)


Department of State (DOS)


Department of Transportation (DOT)


Department of the Treasury

Veterans' Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

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