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2010 Congressional Issues
Security, Liberty and Personal Responsibility

The 112th Congress should:

  • not try to "protect" our liberties by abolishing them in the name of "security."

The American People should not:

  • relinquish their liberties in exchange for illusory promises of "security"

Poll: Most Americans would trim liberties to be safer | McClatchy

The Federal Government cannot provide security. The more we look to the Federal Government for security, the fewer liberties we will have to enjoy.

Sam Adams, speaking at the State House in Philadelphia, “to a very numerous audience” on August 1, 1776:
In a state of tranquillity, wealth, and luxury, our descendants would forget the arts of war and the noble activity and zeal which made their ancestors invincible.
If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom
go from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.

May your chains sit lightly upon you, and
may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

If Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson were here today, they would take immediate steps to repeal the Constitution and abolish the government it created. By every measure our current government is more of a tyranny than the government they abolished in 1776. More Americans have been enslaved, more property has been confiscated, more rights infringed, and more lives lost in the recent past by the direct action of our government than the government denounced in the Declaration of Independence.

But Americans have microwave ovens, remote controls for their TV's, cell phones and iPods. And they would rather have these luxuries -- and chains -- than risk them to be free.

Americans are pampered slaves.

Security and Feudalism

"Feudalism" is defined as "a decentralized sociopolitical structure in which a weak monarchy attempts to control the lands of the realm through reciprocal agreements with regional leaders."

"Ultimately," the definition concludes, "the many ways the term feudalism has been used has deprived it of specific meaning, leading many historians and political theorists to reject it as a useful concept for understanding society." But consider this analogy.

  • Both Bush and Obama would be considered as extraordinarily powerful monarchs by everyone who had a hand in creating the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.
  • The "regional leaders" who receive a charter or franchise from the Monarch are like our bank and the corporation we work for.
  • In order to maintain your home, your car, your kitchen appliances, and pay for your children's soccer supplies, you have to work for your business in a far more stressful and exhausting way than medieval serfs.

Your regional bank lord owns your home. You pay the bank-lord about a quarter of a million dollars in interest on a $100,000 mortgage over 30 years at 9%. That's just the interest.

Throughout the medieval Holy Roman Empire, Christian holidays were observed, and just as there were many sabbaths in the Old Testament, medieval serfs enjoyed more feast days ("vacation" days) than modern technocratic serfs.

There are two forms of "security" that Americans crave, in exchange for which they have sold their liberties to the government:

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Government + Terrorism vs. the People

Asking the Government to bring "security" is a Marxist delusion. Trusting government to fight terrorism is un-American. Government and terrorism are both threats to liberty. The heroes of Flight 93 showed us that Americans must take personal responsibility for our freedoms.

9-11 should have forced a wholesale re-evaluation of America's defense and foreign policy, which has for years been aiding terrorism and setting the stage for its unleashing. Instead, the machinery of the federal government went into high gear in the same wrong-headed direction, increasing its size and power, and destroying the liberties of Americans. Consider this metaphor:

The Exterminators

You hire an exterminator to protect your home from termites. The exterminator promises that his protection will give you the freedom to enjoy the blessings of homeownership. You spend more for the exterminators than you do for the education of your children, but you gain a sense of security. Every now and then the exterminators show up at your house, you see a show of force, you think the exterminators are on the job and your house is safe from termites.

Then one day a wall of your house caves in, revealing a long-active termite infestation. Evidence indicates that the exterminators you hired had been breeding these termites in the hopes that they would attack your neighbor, who had hired a rival exterminator. You're ready to fire your exterminator, but you are told:

  1. You have no choice in the exterminator you want to protect your house.
  2. Your exterminator has declared a "war on termites," and this means you will not be permitted to use your kitchen for the duration of the "war." You will have to unload your groceries down the block and walk to your house, and be searched at the door.
  3. You will have to pay much more for the "services" of these exterminators than you were paying them before they allowed termites to infest your home.

Does this make any sense? Am I "unpatriotic" for asking these questions?

There seems no doubt that our government knew enough to prevent the terrorist attacks of 9-11

The additional funds appropriated by Congress to fight a "war on terrorism" were therefore unnecessary. Since the FBI, police, immigration and other authorities already knew about the presence of terrorists and their intentions, how will additional funds prevent a similar attack?

The tragic conclusion cannot be avoided: the terrorist attack has become a ruse for increasing government power and diminishing the liberties of The People. The "War on Terrorism" is not designed to give security to the People, but to give more power to the politicians.

True Americans have "a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence" -- not a reliance on the government -- for their security:

It must be felt that there is no national security but in the nation’s humble acknowledged dependence upon God and His overruling providence.
John Adams

How the "Invisible Hand" of Providence can be relied upon to keep us secure and bring us "national security."

"Social Security"

If you had been allowed to retain control over the money taken out of your paycheck for "social security," you would have over a million dollars, income from which would provide a comfortable retirement, and then you could pass that million dollars on to your descendants. As it is, every penny you have "contributed" to social security has already been flushed down a bureaucratic hole, wasted on some unconstitutional government program. It's already been spent. Your children will get none of it. The government got it all.

The Social Security system is an unethical ponzi scheme.

For more on how the government has destroyed your retirement security, click here.

In a broader sense, "social security" -- that is, the security of our society and the American Dream -- has been destroyed by the government. America was built on a foundation that is expressed in our nation's "organic law":

Religion, morality, and knowledge are necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind.

The government has destroyed all three, and polls show that Americans are a most unhappy people.

The word "happiness" -- as in the phrase "pursuit of happiness" -- is used in an older sense to mean "blessing." When Jesus said "Blessed are the poor," He meant "Happy are the poor." Not only are Americans less happy than poorer nations, like Nigeria, but they are less blessed by God than they imagine. The Old Testament prophets repeatedly warned nations who were rich that they had forgotten God. Not only has America forgotten God, but our government has banned God from public appearances. The American conscience will not permit a feeling of security except among those whose hearts are hardened through self-deception. We know that we cannot ignore God and pursue selfish wealth with impunity.

We are a very insecure and unhappy nation.

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