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The 112th Congress should

The FBI was created during the so-called "Progressive Era." During this time the federal government experienced massive growth, transgressing constitutional powers reserved to the States. If the federal government were returned to the scope it had for the first 100 years of this nation's history, with the federal government limited to the powers delegated to it in the Constitution, the FBI would not be necessary.

The Oklahoma City bombing and the events of 9-11 could have been -- but were not -- prevented by the FBI. Such profound failures are matched with profound FBI abuses, such as COINTELPRO. Shifting law enforcement duties from local government to the federal government is contrary to Constitutional principles. See federalization of law enforcement. The trend is now toward globalization of law enforcement.

The Justice Department itself did not exist for the first 90 years of our nation's history. Of course, the entire Congress will never abolish the Justice Department until it is committed to returning to the limited government and Free Enterprise system that our Founding Fathers gave us. We need more than one Congressman planting the seeds of self-government.

Before the federal judiciary ordered local schools to remove copies of the Ten Commandments from classrooms, the Justice Department did not keep statistics on rapes and aggravated assaults committed by children ages 13-15. Today it does. Does this prove that we need a large federal government, and an intrusive Justice Department? Or does it prove that we need to return to the vision of our Founding Fathers: "Liberty under God."

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