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The government's police forces no longer provide security. They arrest and imprison (sometimes) criminals after they have already committed their crimes.

Security is best provided by agencies that compete for customers in the Free Market.

Няма как да има частна полиция...абсурд

Another, even larger, private police force is that of Duke University, which has 176 full-time security employees, including 83 non-deputized security officers and 68 deputized private police officers.

With a jurisdiction of 8,000 acres (about half the size of Manhattan), 14,000 students, 34,000 employees, and numerous visitors, the Duke Police deal with a greater population than 95 percent of police departments nationwide. The Duke force fields 30,000 calls per year, yet it doesn't have arrest quotas, tanks, or unmanned drones, and its members do not walk around in riot gear.


America's Founding Fathers recognized that religion and morality prevent crime, not jackbooted-thugs-with-a-badge on every corner.

Citizens should be more vigilant against police abuses, because the police are not subject to the restraining forces of the Free Market.

The Police have no legal duty to protect you

Police Abuse

Police are abused when their skills are wasted on pathetic losers who do not initiate force or defraud anyone. The "War on Drugs" is an abuse of police. It is completely unconstitutional. It encourages lawlessness on the part of the police.

Listen to the tape secretly made by the wife of a pathetic dope-smoking loser during his arrest. The police whose voices are heard on the tape are using the power of the sword -- coercion and violence -- to make an arrest in the "War on Drugs." The officers are trying to force this low-level drug dealer to sign a form giving police "permission" to search his home.

When we forget the Constitution and the American ideal of "Liberty Under God," both government and the people descend into the pit.

The Two Major Parties have severe cases of amnesia.

Video by StephenGordon

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The Federal Government should not be involved in local police issues. The federalizing of local police is a dangerous trend which threatens our liberties.

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