Missouri's 7th District, U.S. House of Representatives




Congressional Issues 2010
National Service

The 112th Congress should:

  • Abolish all "national service" programs, such as Citizen Corps, AmeriCorps, Corporation for National and Community Service, USA Freedom Corps, CETA, and others.
  • Reject Obama's latest incarnations of these intrusive and unconstitutional federal power-grabs.

Servile Nation
     All working Americans are engaged in acts of service. These acts of service are valuable enough that other people voluntary pay money for them.
     All homemakers are engaged in supremely important acts of service to their families.
     Liberal elites believe that these acts of service are not of value because they have not been approved by the government. This idea led to Hitler and Mussolini. Where will it lead in the 21st century?


"Volunteerism" which is 

required by law
• paid salaries with taxpayers' dollars

is not "volunteerism."





It is not enough to say, with Jesus (Mark 10:42-45), that we should not be "archists." Jesus does more than prohibit us from being like the Gentile kings. He gives us a positive command as well. The command to be "servants" is the well-spring of social order.

Many who hear a proposal to eliminate zillions of "government programs" are rightfully and properly shocked, because they have been trained to feel this is a disregard of important social duties, such as education, care of the poor and elderly, and checking crime. Our criticism of the State is not a disregard of these or any other "civil" functions, but a belief that the State is creating disorder in each area where it intervenes in an attempt to create or maintain these civil functions.

Our goal is to encourage greater personal responsibility for the functions of "civil government" and ensure that these functions are carried out efficiently and humanely.

Social order is neither created nor maintained by the coercive apparatus of "organized government." Social order is not the result of threats and negative sanctions. Social order begins in the Family. Social order never leaves the home to take up residence on Capitol Hill. Such social order creates, nurtures, and permeates society, and expands spontaneously. Washington D.C. is a force for disorder.

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