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Kevin Craig - "Liberty Under God"

We believe the problem of second and third generation welfare is undermining one of the basic strengths of our country. Welfare and "safety net" programs are a major part of the federal budget. The federal "safety net" is completely unconstitutional. It will destroy America.

The problem of poverty in America is primarily a moral and religious issue. It will never be solved by a government that claims to be "secular," short of massive enslavement and coercion.

We believe our current system discourages work. In many instances, welfare benefits are more rewarding than the benefits of work. The "Protestant Work Ethic," which helped drive American productivity, has been replaced with secular notions of "entitlement."
One way to encourage welfare recipients to work would be to allow some continuation of certain public assistance, such as child day care, rent subsidies and health care, when a job is obtained. Benefits could be phased out as wage earning capacity increases. Most of the suggested "reforms" at left amount to tinkering with a fundamentally flawed system.
Since more money is being spent each year on aid to dependent children, we support reform efforts that would remove the financial incentives for welfare mothers to have additional children. The government promotes an anti-family mentality. The government refuses to acknowledge itself to be "under God" as a matter of duty.
We believe welfare aid of any kind should not be paid to workers on strike or to college students.  
We oppose replacing food stamp coupons with a cash assistance program.  
We favor better control of regulating what can be purchased with food stamps. We favor more stringent requirements for sponsorship of immigrants to prevent welfare abuse.  
We favor the consolidation of welfare and other social programs into a minimum of agencies with the main emphasis on the truly needy provided the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) remains in the United States Department of Agriculture  
We believe that Missouri should have provisions to protect the elderly from becoming destitute before becoming eligible for welfare assistance.  
We favor a more stringent control of welfare recipients through an improved type of identification system to decrease fraudulent and multiple collections.  
We believe the state government should administer the welfare program. Alexis de Tocqueville noted the success of Christian welfare agencies in early America. Government needs to get out of the welfare business entirely.

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