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Congressional Issues 2010
U.S. Security Strategy

The 112th Congress should
  • act as a much-needed check on the executive branch’s reflexive tendency to expand the global political and military role of the United States under the guise of U.S. "global leadership,"
  • initiate a comprehensive review of existing U.S. security commitments and jettison those that are not clearly linked to vital national security interests,
  • review the defense budget and make the necessary reductions to bring it in line with a security strategy that is based on the defense of vital national security interests, and
  • refuse to provide funding for military interventions except in the unlikely event that such an intervention is a necessary response to a national security threat.

Ultimate objectives:

Eliminate all foreign political entanglements
This means no foreign aid to our enemies
Create a national commitment to Faith-Based Security
"In God We Trust" -- our national motto
"God Bless America" -- national security as a by-product of national obedience

The Myth of National Security

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