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Congressional Issues 2012
Asian Defense Commitments

The U.S. government should
  • terminate, within three years, all defense treaties with South Korea and the Philippines, and withdraw all American military units from those countries by that deadline;
  • rescind, within three years, the informal commitment to defend Taiwan;
  • continue the policy of being willing to sell Taiwan conventional weapon systems;
  • withdraw all ground forces from Japan within two years;
  • reassess whether to continue stationing any air and naval units in Japan; and
  • immediately commence discussions with Japan about replacing the U.S.-Japan security treaty with a more informal cooperative security arrangement.
  • expand economic and limited security ties with China while pressing Beijing to accelerate democratic, human rights, and market reforms and to resolve international disputes peacefully;
  • drop Washington’s implicit defense guarantee to Taiwan but permit defense contractors to sell Taipei any weapons it deems necessary for its defense (without government subsidies and loan guarantees); and
  • remain aloof from other flashpoints that could turn into war, such as those on the Indian subcontinent.

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