Missouri's 7th District, U.S. House of Representatives




Congressional Issues 2012

Congress should

  • cut off government-to-government aid, especially to non-democratic tyrants;
  • end government subsidies to U.S. corporations that compete with African businesses
  • end tariffs on African products that compete with U.S. special interests
  • denounce corrupt tyrants of left-wing dictatorships as strenuously as apartheid was denounced in South Africa;
  • eliminate public aid to AIDS victims since men in Africa predominantly refuse to take responsible measures to avoid its spread. Eliminate government restrictions on private organizations to reach victims of irresponsible carriers;
  • promote and endorse "Liberty Under God," allowing Christianity and Capitalism to flourish in Africa


A Continent of Extraordinary Potential

Americans think of Africa as primitive and impoverished:

But Africa has great wealth and a future. Africa has been chained to poverty and ignorance by Marxism, paganism, and Islamic terrorism, and no amount of foreign aid from our government to any of these repressive governments can bring the blessings of liberty to her people without the blossoming of the religion and morality that made America the greatest and freest nation on earth. The Christianization of Africa is rapidly progressing:

But some nations could also go Muslim:

Africa needs freedom, not dependence on American liberals:

Christianity and Capitalism are the answers to Africa's problems:



Future of Freedom Foundation

Africa and Afghanistan

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